DIY or Not – What is your time worth?

SAJARO is built to accommodate all kinds of brides with all kinds of budgets. We have designs and products that suit the bride with time and craft experience to do their own invitations and those that can barely manage to find time to go to the grocery store to get food for the week let alone print and tie a ribbon for 50+ invitations.

Regardless of the number of hours you find in your day – we can assist you!!

We have a huge range of designs, but LOVE creating new and unique designs to signify the collaboration of each couple – your own personal stamp of your perfect day!

navy and gold lasercut invitation

DIY products we offer include paper, card, envelopes, laser cuts and embellishments, not to mention the artwork you can download from our ETSY store & print wherever you want. – click on the links above or contact us to book an appointment & view the products in person.

ivory laser cut wedding invitationFULL STUDIO PRODUCTION
Time poor, craft poor too – No worries!! From concept to delivery we can do it all for you! Even pack your invitation in the envelopes, seal & post them for you!

Going DIY is not always the cheapest option. We have spent so much time researching the best materials, products and the best printers for our jobs so that you don’t have too. Also, you don’t have to worry…

  • about having enough stock for your job
  • your printer jamming
  • your printer printing the right colour, the darkest black
  • the ink sticking to the paper
  • most home printers can’t handle thick, metallic or textured card stock – be aware!!
  • your blade isn’t  sharp enough after 5 cuts
  • you’ve stuffed up on how many invites you actually need
  • the place where you bought your ribbon from, has run out after you realised you need more for those last 5 invites
  • the invitation doesn’t fit the envelopes you purchased online…. from China
  • you’ve used single sided ribbon
  • you’re not getting the help from your fiancé that you thought you would

What is your time worth?