Invitation Delivery

I have often been asked by couples, “what is the best way to mail my invitations so that they arrive safely”. I think it’s a very reasonable request as lots of time and money is invested into invitations.

Below are my recommendations to ensure your invites and save the dates arrive in the best possible condition:

  1. Send your Invitation in a Padded Envelope

Standard invitations (with no embellishments such as wax seals, small clusters, etc) I have found fine going through the postage system* although sometimes envelopes can get bent via Aust Post. However, if your invitations are of delicate nature such as crystals, diamantes, wax seals, silk boxes, wooden or acrylic invitations I always suggest sending your invitations in a padded envelope. It may cost a little extra but it will help protect the invites and will also keep the invites actual envelope in pristine condition – adding to the WOW factor of the invitation. Padded envelopes can be purchased inexpensively on eBay, Officeworks or from your local post office.

  1. *Always have your Invitations Hand Cancelled

Hand cancelling is done at your local post office. This is where your envelopes are handled by hand and not through machinery and can only be requested over the counter. Don’t just post your invites in a post box. Hand cancelling has two primary benefits; it means your invites won’t be processed by the machine and open to being bent, damaged or lost.

  1. Allow plenty of Time

It’s a good idea to send your invitations at least 6-8 weeks prior to your event (or even earlier depending on the guest’s location) is a great way to prevent any issues. Calculate delivery time frames via the Australia post website.
* Australia post is not always on time and can take longer than advised *

  1. Send an Invitation to Yourself

It’s a good idea to send an invitation to yourself, so you can see what the invitation/envelope will look like when it arrives at the recipient’s address. We can do this in the way of a sample invitation. This way if your envelope is not supportive enough you can change it before sending to your guests.

  1. Always Include a return address

Having your return addresses printed on your envelope (top left-hand corner or on the back) is the best way to have any invitations sent back to you in case something happens along the way or your guests have changed address unknowingly to you. If there is no sender address specified, your invitation is then sent to an Australia post warehouse and will be destroyed. This helps avoid the worrying thought as to why someone may not have RSVPd.

  1. Properly seal your Envelopes

It’s best to ensure your package and enclose the envelopes appropriately. Sometimes using just the envelope seal is not enough. Fully close your envelope with the appropriate closing sticker or bendable wax seal. Again I suggest ensuring ‘hand cancelling’ your invitations to allow for a more durable delivery.

Even with each of the above recommendations, there is still a chance that invitations go missing or arrive in a terrible condition. As frustrating as it can be, this, unfortunately, is all part of the Australia Post service. Unless each item is insured Australia Post will deny any responsibility, so if at all possible hand deliver!

If you would like advice on envelope postage, you can visit our Budget Tips page