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Letterpress Printing Information


Nothing is quiet as stunning as letterpress invitations. Although they are generally simple in design, the printing is what makes it beautiful.

Letterpress is a relief printing process, in which a reversed raised surface is inked and pressed into a sheet of paper. Letterpress is a slow and demanding process that requires a high level of skill. Printers approach the process like fine art printing - each print is unique and great care is taken to prepare for each print run.


We use 100% cotton, made from cotton linters – which are a by-product of the cotton industry. This makes the paper not only beautiful, but environmentally friendly as well.
There are  different weights available.

  • 300gsm - 350gsm is the  weight used for most of our items, and it has a lovely surface texture and thickness.
  • 600gsm is twice as thick, and as such holds a deeper, more textural impression.


When you order you can choose from different options:

  • White - which is a pure, bright white shade
  • Soft white - which is an ivory, creamier  shade
  • Colour - choose colours from our 'Colourplan' range


We offer portrait of landscape orientation. Some of our collection designs work well with either of these orientations and some are designed specifically with one orientation in mind. There is plenty of time during design to discuss orientation changes you may like once you place your order.

  • A7: 126 x 176mm (120x180mm)
  • SQ: 140mm or 150mm
  • DL: 97x210mm
  • C6: 104x152mm


We offer two corner shapes on all of our sizes.

  • Square Set
  • Round Set


Unsure about which ink colours will suit your design and colour scheme? We are more than happy to give advice and recommendations on colour ways for your design, and during design consultation we can discuss the options that might suit you in more detail.



Letterpress envelopes are one of the unique elements of our stationery. Made from 100% cotton paper in a 120gsm weight, they are gorgeously soft and supple in texture, print with a lovely impression, and beautifully compliment letterpress papers.

You can also select from our standard colour range of envelopes.

Return Address (Letterpress Printing)

We can print your return address on your envelopes for an elegant finishing touch to your design. For your invitation envelope, the return address is usually featured on the envelope flap. For Response card envelopes, your return address is printed on the front of the envelope for delivery back to you.

Personalised Address (Digital Printing)

Finish off your envelopes with address labels. Our delivery address labels are digitally printed with your guest name and address, adhere onto your envelope.

Envelope Liners

Pairing an envelope liner with your invitation, thank you card or save the date can add a luxurious finish to your wedding stationery. Patterns are designed to perfectly compliment letterpress invitations.

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